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Robin: Generations


(LOTDE) Robin

(LOTDE) Superboy

(Super Seven) Superboy

(853rd Century) Superboy - OMAC

  (853rd Century) Impulse

  (Kingdom Come) Robin

(Elseworld) Robin 3000

(Elseworld) Spider-Boy

(Elseworld) Quick Freeze

(Elseworld)  Mercury

(Elseworld) Sparrow

(Elseworld) Red Wing

(Elseworld) Earth 2 Robin

(LOTDK) Robin

Silver Age Superboy

Pocket Universe Superboy

Earth Prime Superboy


"Generations" Robin was created by John Byrne (Superman/Batman "Generations" #2)






Name: Bruce Wayne, Jr.
Born: 1949
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Realitives: Bruce Wayne (Father - Deceased) Dick Grayson (Uncle - Deceased), Kara Kent (Wife - Deceased)
First Appearance: Superman/Batman Generations #2


A Robin in training, Bruce Wayne, Jr., of becoming Robin, just as his Uncle Dick had been.  Much to the discouragement of Alfred and Bruce Wayne. In this world, Dick quit being Robin, at age 19, to move to New York, go to college and to become a lawyer.  It was always Bruce and Alfred's dream that Dick, would return one day, and take over the "Mantle of the Bat."  Bruce Jr., would get that chance to be the hero he has wanted to be. 

We flash forward 10 years.  1969. The Justice League, in a meeting with President Nixon, defines there role in Vietnam War. Claiming that, "the role of the bad guys aren't so clearly defined."  The Justice League, supports protesters amendment rights. President Nixon, tried to place blame on The Justice League, for the deaths of all the American soldiers. As the Justice League left, the White House, Superman and Batman (now Dick Grayson) discussed the events happening in Asia. The kids of the older generation were now becoming heroes of there own.

Dick Grayson, taking over for the retired Bruce Wayne, and claiming the "Mantle of the Bat."  Bruce Wayne, Jr., now 20 years old, had taken over the role of Batman's sidekick Robin.  Bruce Wayne, Sr., now retired, whenever needs him, can see Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce's devoted butler, who died, two years earlier.

The present case for Batman and Robin, who are tracking a criminal, that is going by the identity of, "The Joker, Jr." The Joker Jr., had been eluding the dynamic duo, after his premiere four years ago, and now, it comes down to Batman and Robin's interrogation of the Joker, for help on finding his prey.  After the Joker, denied all knowledge of a son, and left the Duo, with more answers then questions.

Discussing the events with Bruce and Bruce Jr. Dick decided that the best idea would be to split up.  Sending Robin, back to Rock Island to check out the Joker and maybe get some more answers, Dick, went into follow the latest of the Joker Jr.'s leads.  Batman, trailing the lead to the Gotham Diamond Exchange Building, Robin realized that Batman was being lead into a trap.  Robin, having the Warden open the door of the Joker's cell.  Finding the dummy and the actors makeup, Robin, raced to the Diamond Exchange, only to arrive to late.  The Joker, had beaten the Batman, booby-traping the floor, Batman fell and slid down a slide of razor blades coated with hallucinogenic drugs, only to be dropped right in front of Joker.  Bloody, beaten, cut to the bone, Batman feel into the master trap of the Joker.  The Batman, dropped into a giant whip creme pie, battled the whip creme in his mind, never saw the machine guns rise from the other pies. Batman, was shot to death.  The Joker had claimed the ultimate victory, but as Robin arrived, he found the body of Batman, dead on the floor, as the cops went to secure the Joker.  Telling the cops, that there was never a Joker Jr. and that it was the Joker all the time. The Joker, ranted of his big win over Batman, only to see Batman, walked into the room, carrying the corpse of Robin.  Bruce Jr. had switched the costumes.

At the funeral, Bruce Jr. talked with Kara Kent, his girlfriend.  Also known to the world as Supergirl. Bruce Jr. now assuming the "Mantle of the Bat," assured Kara, that there relationship would not be affected. Using Bruce Wayne's influence to avoid the draft, Bruce Jr. assumed the role of Batman. With Kara's love, and hopes of one day, the world will be ready for the "Batman and Supergirl" team.

10 years later on the eve of there marriage between Bruce Wayne and Kara Kent, we join them in there hero form known to the world as the dynamic duo of Batman and Supergirl. Locked with Brainiac, Supergirl and Batman barely stop Brainiac's scheme to destroy the Earth. Using her super strength, Supergirl moved Brainiac's ship away, Braniac's ship collapsed in on itself creating a black hole which collapsed in on itself, endind Braniac's plan.

As Bruce Wayne Sr. was away tracking the mysterious Ra's Al  Ghul, Bruce Jr. was preparing for the greatest day of his life.  Someone else was also preparing for this day.  Dress in battle armor closely resemebling the armor Lex Luthor use to confront Superman in. Leaving his wife and son, he left to confront his enemy.  We come to the wedding reception honoring Mr. and Ms. Bruce and Kara Wayne but the hapiness doesn't last long as the armor clad assailent appeared and sent a force beam of intense kryptonite radiation to disable Clark Kent.  Kara jumps in as Supergirl, challenging "Luthor" only to be sent flying into the air. Bruce leaping in to help Lois and Clark gets stopped by a force field covering the area.  Clark sending Bruce away to help Kara soon witness his greatest horor.  Dr. Holurt, the doctor who had been helping Lois fight her battle with cancer for the last ten years soon revealed his master plot. Removing the makeup from his face Dr. Holurt revealed himself to be Lex Luthor.  Luthor vowed to make Superman watch his family die and then snapped Lois's neck only to beam away from the scene. 

Kara soon caught up with the armored assailent, who then reveailed himself to be Joel Kent. The believed dead son of Clark and Lois Kent.  Kara's brother.  Joel went to explain how he survived in Vietnam and how his "father" Lex Luthor had granted him the powers that his own father would have been jealous of. From there as Joel and Kara battled, Joel killed Kara as soon as Batman arrived by literally ripping her heart out.   Joel returned back to Lex, sick from the formula that gave him his power as Lex reviled that his father (Clark) had never lied to him, but Lex had always lied. Superman suddenly burst through the wall..only to hold his dead son on last time, as Lex fullfilled his vow to have Clark watch his family die. The only retribution Superman had, was when Batman (Bruce Jr.) walked through the hole with the wife of Joel and Clark's grandson. 10 years later, Clark got his retribution by accidently killing Lex Luthor, but not without cost. Lex killed everyone close to Clark. His family, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen and his family. His finally killing blow against Clark. Gold Kryptonite stole Superman of his powers.  The end result of President Hal Jordon sending Batman to bring in Superman.  Since no real prison could hold him, the jury sentensed Superman to spend 10 years in the Phantom Zone.  In 10 years, Superman hoped Batman could help make the world a better place.