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Young Justice: Sins of the Youth
(reprinted without permisson from Newsrama)

"A few months back, in describing upcoming serious turns of events in Young Justice, writer Peter David told Newsarama that Arrowette's current struggle with decisions regarding her future as a superheroine would have a "ripple effect" for other groups in the DC Universe. "Before we're done, decisions will be made that will shake up the views of many of the DC heroes and make them question the right of Young Justice to exist," hinted David.

Well, we've already seen the debut of the government sponsored Old Justice, and in March the media and government attacks on Young Justice will come to a head with some rather curious results in Young Justice: Sins Of Youth, DC's latest "fifth week" event series.

The event is composed of two extra-length bookend issues, a Secret Files tie-in and eight one-shots featuring pairings of young and adult DC heroes, but who's the young hero and who's the hero might not be so obvious as you think.

Building on storylines going back to Young Justice #1 which culminated in Arrowette's recent struggles, the government has begun a full investigation of YJ's activities. Behind the scenes, the organization called the Agenda has orchestrated the government involvement as part of a larger that will affect all the DCU's heroes. It all reaches a boiling point in Sins Of Youth, written by Peter David with art by his regular YJ team of Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker.

Stage one - which involves the evil Klarion the Witch Boy's mystically transforming the world's adult super-heroes into teens - goes off without a hitch. But then Old Justice enters the scene to force Klarion to restore Superman, Batman and the rest of the adults to their proper ages, but the wicked Klarion instead turns the teen heroes into adults.

The story continues that same week in Superboy, where readers learn how the eternally teenaged Superboy is affected by Klarion's spell, and Young Justice: Sins Of Youth Secret Files #1.

The latter one-shot features profile pages of the transformed heroes and villains of Sins Of Youth, and a 22-page lead story by Jay (New Warriors) Faerber, Mike (X-Man) Miller and another artist TBA penciling flashback sequences, starring the Contessa and the Teen Titans.

"It focuses on the Titans' involvement in the events surrounding the Sins of Youth storyline, and how this sinister plot harkens back to an old adventure shared by the original five Titans, back in the early days of the team," explained Faerber. "Because the story unfolds in two different times, we're having two art teams handle the story."

"The Titans (aside from Flash, pulling double-duty as a JLAer) don't play a very big role in the 5th Week Event, so you need to read this Secret Files story to find out what was keeping them away from the main action. All I can say is that my story involves two Titans villains - one relatively new one, and one dating back a few years."

Also featured in the SF is a "lost pages" 6-page back-up feature by writer Ben Raab and Geoff Johns. Called Crisis On Infantile Earths, according to Raab, "it's all about the hilarious, sophomoric one-upmanship that ensues when JLA Jr. and JSA Jr. lock juvenile horns in the middle of this generational identity crisis."

Sins of Youth continues the next week in 8 one-shots in which the unexpectedly seasoned, recently young heroes (including a suddenly mature Impulse and the JSA's new leader, Starwoman) team up with their more impetuous former mentors (Kid Flash, the Junior Society of America, etc..) to capture Klarion, restore order and defeat the Agenda and their private group of super-beings, the Point Men. The specials also feature guest appearances not only by the title characters but by other age-shifted DC characters as well. These one-shots include:

- Sins Of Youth: JLA, Jr. #1 by D. Curtis Johnson and Carlo Barberi. "Immediately in the wake of the events of the opening bookend, the de-aged Justice League (with Red Tornado and Captain Marvel along) has to deal with a world that no longer recognizes it - not the government, not the average people on the street, not even their own Watchtower defense systems," explained Johnson. "Is anyone going to cut them a little slack?"

- Aquaboy/Lagoon Man #1 by Ben Raab, Sunny Lee and Lary Stucker. Said Raab, "Aquaboy and Lagoon Man journey to the undersea mystical city of Thierna Na Oge in search of a magic talisman that can turn the heroes back to normal. But once Black Manta gets hold of it first, will the King of Atlantis ever be the same again...?"

- Batboy & Robin #1 by Chuck Dixon, Cary Nord and Mark Lipka.
- Kid Flash/Impulse #1 by Dwayne McDuffie, Angel Unzueta and Jamie Mendoza.
- Starwoman & The JSA (Junior Society Of America) #1 by Geoff Johns, Drew Johnson and Rich Faber. "We have the Star Spangled Kid now taking on the role of Starwoman, Black Canary is now Cry Baby, Sand is transformed back to Sandy the Golden Boy, Dr. Midnite is Kid Midnite, etc.. "said Johns. "So the roles are switched, and as the JSA head off on an important mission into the deep reaches of space, Courtney Whitmore (the former Star Spangled Kid) is now the one calling the shots and shouldering the responsibility of the world's first and greatest superteam - and the JSA kids are gonna give her hell. It's payback time!"

- Superboy/Superman #1 by Karl Kesel and Rob Haynes.
- Wonder Girls #1 by Brian Vaughan, Scott Kolins and Chris Ivy.
- The Secret/Deadboy #1 by Todd Dezago, Mike Oeming and Jason Baumgartner. "Charged with the task of tracking down the magically mischievious Klarion, a beautifully matured Secret and a rejuvenated (and immature) Deadman (now Deadboy!), try to keep the suburbs of Washington DC sane while Klarion's wacky magic turns the place into one Big Cartoon!" said DeZago.

The entire storyline then concludes the next week in Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2, again by David, Nauck and Stuker.

The Sins bookends and one-shots will all feature a distinctive trade dress and covers by Mike (Tellos) Wieringo and Terry Austin. DC also notes that the following issues should be read in the specific order shown below :

Week One
Young Justice: Sins Of Youth #1
Superboy #74 (connected to SINS but without the trade dress)
Young Justice: Sins Of Youth Secret Files #1

Week Two
JLA Jr. #1
Superboy/Superman #1
Wonder Girls #1
The Secret/Deadboy #1

Week Three
Young Justice: Sins Of Youth #2