My Special Thanks Page

Sean Taylor
DC Teens: Next Generation Website

" Sean, is one of my best friends in the world and on the net. I am very proud of the friendship I have with him, and partnership with this site. If it wasn't for him and Nik, I'd probably, have scrapped this whole thing a long time ago. "

Nik Stano.
 Superboy Website

" Nik, is my bro. He is a good friend, and an ego driven expert when it comes to Superboy, or artwork, HTML help, or general stuff. Although our ego's clash on many of topics, in the end, it seems like another day at the office. Just don't let him into a Marvel Message Board, believe me!!"

James Schee
James, is a really cool guy. DC Comics online chat host, that has always been there to lend a hand to the fans as well as supply chat logs, as well as any other important information that is needed to keep that "Hangout" in top shape. Thanks.

Todd Dezago
"Writer of Impulse, and other great titles."

Todd, just amazes me. Really great pro, likes interaction with that fans, and can hold a great conversation about everything, and is a trip. Proud to think of him as friend. His writing of Young Justice, is my true inspiration for me to do Young Justice: The Hangout.

Geoff Johns
"Writer of Star Spangled Kid"

Geoff, rocks. Geoff is a FAN first and a pro second. Its always a blast to talk to him, because the guy knows his comics knowledge!

Susie Walton
"AKA Ari82"

I think Susie is the sites number 1 fan. At a time when I really thought about closing down the site, she kinda changed my mind on a lot of things and since has become a really great influence in the site and some of its corrections. Thanks Susie-Q.

And as always, my greatest thanks, go to my parents, my grandparents, and my family.

Craig Young