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This interview was conducted on March 11, 1999 with Chuck Dixon, writer of Nightwing, Robin, Birds of Prey and all around great guy in reguards to DC Comics.

Craig: What do you think your favorite memory on your run of Green Arrow was? Why?

Chuck: Working with Jim Aparo and Rodolfo Damaggio would have to be #1. Jim's always been an idol of mine and Rodolfo is just an awesome new talent. Rodolfo's probably closer to my own sensabilities as a storyteller than anyone I've ever worked with. Also, Darren gave me free rein to create new characters and I got to explore an area of the DCU I'd never been in before. I got to write Superman and Green Lantern!

Craig: During the Green Arrow 1,000,000 issue were hinted that Conner has a sister. Since your writing some of the more recents Young Justice stories, can you confirm or deny any kind of plans the DC might have of using Arrowette in the story reveling who Conner's sister may be?

Chuck: The hints in 1M were strictly open ended for any other GA writer to explore (or not). I mean, could Connor POSSIBLY be the ONLY illegitimate child in Ollie's past.

Craig: Young Justice issue #8 shows the return of "Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats". Personally I'm a fan of the team from there Bloodlines story and the mini- series but some questions come to mind.

Craig: Where have the Psyba-Rats been in the last three years?

Chuck: They appeared in Catwoman #25 and will be showing up in a BIG story over in Birds of Prey next year. Other than that I can only assume they've been deep in the cyber-underground making a little cash and a lot of enemies.

Craig: Does Robin still have a place on the "Psyba-Rats" as an honorly member?

Chuck: I'm certain Rae still harbors a fondness for Robin. I'm not so sure he approves of their lifestyle. I can assure you won't approve of the next client they take on.

Craig: How does it feel to control such a big piece of the "Bat Family"? Meaning how much do you enjoy working on Nightwing and Robin? Do you feel that you have made any significant notes in the legends and storylines that are "Robin" related?

Chuck: To have such a large acreage in the Bat dynasty to have as my own is awe some beyond my wildest dreams. Batman is the Carnegie hall of comics and I never DREAMED I play here. I still get a thrill from typing the words "Batman and Robin" in a script. I've gotten to add an entire CITY to the mythos as well as many contributions to the Rogues Gallery like Bane and Gearhead and the Psybarats and others like killing Mr Freeze and then bringing him back! Revamping the Penguin was fun and bringing back the Cluemaster was a blast. I am one lucky, lucky Batmaniac

Craig: With the news of Devin Grayson's departure from Catwoman have you thought about picking up the book to add to your writing collection?

Chuck: My understanding is that Devin is taking a six issue hiatus from the book but she'll be back. John Ostrander has already been assigned those issues. But I'd love to write more Catwoman. I put her in stories whenever I can. She'll be in an upcoming three issue arc in BOP as well as a major appearance in "The Chalice" this year's Batman hardcover that I'm working on with John vanFleet.

Craig: With No Man's Land wreaking havoc in the Bat Books how much of an impact will be felt in Robin and Nightwing?

Chuck: They'll each be returning to Gotham for six issues of their own books starting with NW 35 and Robin 67. Other than that the impact has been major. Robin moved to Keystone city and Nightwing's had to contend with all those displaced Gothamites down in the 'haven.


Craig: How much longer until we get to see the Titans in Bludhaven? Are there any plans for some individual hero team ups with Nightwing or possibly the entire team of Titans making a visit?

Chuck: Don't hold your breath, Titans fans.

Craig: Many people on the net and messageboards are looking at the relationship between Stephane and Robin, after the baby arrives are there any plans for Robin confiding his idenitity to Steph?

Chuck: Not a chance. Robin's secret leads to the secret identity of too many of his friends and confidants.

Craig: Any chance on getting an inside tip on if Steph's baby will be a boy or girl? Have you decided a name yet?

Chuck: We'll never see Steph's baby (at least until I'm off this continuity.) He or she is not a dangling plot element. The whole point of the story was that Steph made the compassionate decision in relasing the baby to be adopted. It's better that she not know anything about the child and get on with her life.

Craig: Issue 25 of Nightwing was in my mind the best issue of the run since we got to see a great issue of bonding between Robin and Nightwing. Are there any plans on maybe Robin making another visit for a night on the town? Where do you see there friendship/relationship going in the future?

Chuck: ROBIN 67 has Robin and Nightwing together trying to break into Gotham City. There's more of the same sibling fun we had in NW #25.

Craig: Young Justice is seriously considered to be the 90's version of the Titans. As seen with the relationship of Superman and Batman how do you feel the future of Robin and his identity will be shared with Superboy and/or any of the members of Young Justice? If you were writing Young Justice reguarly would you write a part where Robin revealed his identity to Superboy or any of the members of Young Justice?

Chuck: I'm not real hip on this one as it's Peter's book. Tho' I'd love to get a crack at a team-up with Karl Kesel again. But maybe a monthly dose of the two in YJ makes that irelevant?

Craig: Do you have any special Elseworld stories or novels or anything like that planned for Robin, Nightwing or any other hero? Are there any plans for this years Robin annual? Any major plans or upcoming events that you'd like to tell your fans about?

Chuck: Unfortunately there's no Robin Annual this year. I am writing the Batman annual with Graham Nolan on pencils. I'm not sure if I can reveal the theme yet. So I won't.

Craig: Lastly, I just wanted to thank you for doing this interview for the YJ: Hangout and wanted to ask if you have any thoughts on your personal favorite moments in the last year and what kind of plans do you have for 99?

Chuck: Well, one of the highlights was the Spoiler pregnancy storyline. I'm really pleased with how that turned out. Also the premiere of Birds of Prey. For '99 I have a lot of No Man's Land stories for Robin and Nightwing and a YJ Special with Scott Beatty and Andy Kuhn that is gorgeous to look at. And there's a 10 pager in the upcoming Young Justice 80 Page Giant that I think turned out very nicely.

Thanks for having me!


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