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This interview was conducted on Aug. 11, 1998 with Todd Nauck, artist of Young Justice: The Secret, JLA World Without Adults, and is currently the artist of Young Justice the series, along with the writing style of Peter David. For more information about Mr. Nauck, please visit The Unofficial Superboy Website , and thanks to Nik, for his hard work to get me this interview for the site.

Craig: What made you want to get into the industry?

Todd: I've always enjoyed superheroes and drawing. I started collecting in comics in 8th grade and decided to be a comic book artist in 9th grade. Comic books and superheroes are so much fun I couldn't imagine any other job.

Craig: What was your first assignment, and what was your first major comic book project?

Todd: My first assignment: pin-up for Marvel's What the--?! comic (#21) My first major comic project: Extreme's Badrock and Co. mini series.

Craig: Of the big three companies and characters that you have drawn for, which comic characters or books, which characters do you like to draw?

Todd: Characters I'd like to draw are Martian Manhunter, Mister Miracle, Flash, Fantastic Four, and just once Ambush Bug.

Craig: Besides Young Justice, who are some of you favorite characters that you reguarly draw? Also, if you could improve the look of any characters with your own touch, what characters would you change and how?

Todd: love drawing Arrowette. Wonder Girl is a fun challenge. I look forward to drawing an appearance of the JLA (thus fulfilling part of my answer to #3.) If I could improve anyone, I'd like to try Wonder Girl.

Craig: Of the two writers of Young Justice, Dezago or David, which one do you like drawing for more?

Todd: That's really hard to answer. They both write fun plots that make me excited about this project.



Craig: What is your all time favorite comic, that you have drawn? Also, are you planning on sticking with Young Justice, all the way through its run?

Todd: A short story of a character I created, wrote and drew. The Green Valiant in Asylum #7 for Maximum Press. I hope to put in a nice long run on YJ. DC and I are extremely happy working together. I'll draw it for as long as they'll let me!

Craig: Among your artist piers, who are your favorites in terms of work and abilitiy?

Todd: Art Adams, Alan Davis, Rick Leonardi, and Walt Simonson were my first influences. I also enjoy Jeff Smith, Chris Bachalo, Travis Charest, Lee Moder, and Barry Kitson.

Craig: Have you thought about doing any kind of poster work, like Young Justice meets Legion, or the Original Teen Titans meets Young Justice?

Todd: I hadn't thought of that, but I like the idea. Let Eddie Berganza know and maybe he can get something goin'!

Craig: Will you be attending any of the big conventions in the 98 - 99 year?

Todd: I was at the San Diego Comic-Con this summer and had agreat time. I'd like to do other cons as well. I just nned to figure out which ones I could make. I really want to go to Chicago next year!

Craig: If any one at DC or Marvel came up to you and said "Todd, you can have any character in the world, to do anything you want to do, artwork wise in the series?", who would you take, and what would you do?

Todd: The Wonder Twins! They showed up in Extreme Justice and haven't done much. I'd redesign their costumes and give them an adventure. Y'know, start off simple and work our way up from there.

And again, big thanks to Nik and the Unofficial Superboy Website and Todd Nauck.


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