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I found Mr. Johns, to be a great guy. Aspiring screenwriter movie writer, now writing the new Star Spangled Kid book for DC Comics, soon to be released. Mr. Johns is very accomplished in the movies business, assistant to film director Richard Donner who has worked on such blockbuster movies as Conspiriacy Theory and Lethal Weapon 4, we look forward to seeing how he takes the comics scene by storm. Thanks to Sean Taylor and the DCU: Next Generation website, for helping me arrange this interview.


Craig: For a little background information, for readers that aren't familar with your work, would you mind telling us, some of your own personal favorite comic storylines, books, and/or projects that you've worked on?

Geoff: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. is my first professional comic project -- but definitely not my last!!

Craig: Who are some of your favorite writers/artists to work with in the business? Why?

Geoff: Well, Lee Moder and I have a fantastic relationship! We really have seen eye to eye on this book and he brings in a lot more than just beautiful pencils. I hope to work with him for some time to come. We have a fondness for the weird and unusual!

Craig: Of any character in the Dc Universe who would you like to get the chance to write for? Would you modifiy that character any way? How and if so, why?

Geoff: The Flash! He's my all-time favorite character by far. I'd love to shape up some of his rogues into real challenges -- maybe a new Heat Wave, make Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang cool, etc. I'd like to try and keep the energy and excitement that Morrison and Waid have done going. He's one of the few characters I'd write forever. Beyond that, I love the Atom, Hawkman, the Teen characters (both Titans and Young Justice), and any Golden Age guys -- especially the Seven Soldiers of Victory and Phantom Lady.

Craig: Same question as number 3, this time a Marvel Character.

Geoff: I really like Captain America, Daredevil, Ant-Man and Hulk. Though my real fandom lies in the DCU -- the characters just appeal to me more.

Craig: Your upcoming Star Spangled Kid storyline looks to be an impressive remake of the 60s/70's JSA/All Star Heroes, what kind of new spins will be on this character, as opposed to the original character?




Geoff : We'll she'll be much more contemporary even though her name is the Star Spangled Kid. A hip girl with a justified attitude against her sidekick S.T.R.I.P.E. We'll be using a lot of Golden Age stuff, 50's sci-fi and modern day superheroics to make a helluva fun book! The original Stripsey will play a MAJOR role in the book along with a few other Golden Age surprises. We plan on pushing the envelope with that stuff.

Craig:Tell us fan..really, who the hell is Stripsy? =)

Geoff: He's a guy that likes classic cars and bowling. He used to be a super-hero sidekick to the original Star Spangled Kid and he's lived in obscurity ever since the Seven Soldiers of Victory got thrown forward through time. Now he's on one last mission and his step-daughter keeps getting in the way!

Craig: What kind of connections is the new Star Spangled Kid going to have to the DCU, in terms of teams such as: Justice League? The new and/or former Justice Society? Young Justice? or The Titans?

Geoff: Well, Young Justice show up in a cool two-part story in issues 3 and 4! Beyond that I don't know which team she'll end up on. I'm hoping for the new JSA but one never knows. . .

Craig: With the new Star Spangled Kid, actually being a kid, is there any kid of personal patetion to have the character join Young Justice? Do you think, that the character would fit on any team?

Geoff: I think the character could work on Young Justice. But she'd spend most of her time telling Superboy to shut up! Hey, we'll have to see how you guys like her. If enough people rally around her joining YJ she might. Again, I'd like to see her guest-star a lot but I'd rather her be in JSA along side of Jack Knight.

Craig: Besides the upcoming SSK story, what other projects are you working on, or in the future hoping to work on?

Geoff: I'm working on a pitch for a mini-series which is too early to talk about! But look for some other stuff from me soon.

Craig: Whats your dream project?

Geoff: The Flash. Absolutely. Hawkman as runner-up!

Craig: Finally, what kind of advice, would you give to inspiring writers that would like to get into the comic book industry?

Geoff : Keep writing!! It worked for me and every other writer out there. The more you write the better you get. Never give up.


Once again, thanks to Geoff Johns, for granting this site an interview and good look on the upcoming book..


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