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Tris Plover was created by Dixon, Johnson & Leigh (Robin Annual #5 1996)

(Tris Plover)

"I'll tell you who I am! I'm Robin The....um..Girl Wonder!" -(Tris Plover - Robin Annual #5) (1996)

Alter Ego: Tris Plover
Occupation: Slave
Base of Operations: Generation Ship
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
First Appearance: Robin Annual 5 (1996)
    Earth is dead. Those who once might have called it home are long scattered to the endless stars. But in that scattering, on a thousand different worlds, by a thousand different ways.... Earth's greatest legends live on..

    Tris Plover, wasn't a hero. She was a slave, in a society that didn't have sun, the soil, the wind, or rain. On, each men and woman's 30th summer, they had to give themselves to the soil, so the plants could grow, and give them air and food to the long journey on there Generation Ships.

    On her 29th cycle, Tris Plover, revolted against the Proctors, and tried to revolt against there rule. As she broke away, she met another lone hero. The Batman. After Batman, deemed Tris, the new Robin. Them came up with a plan, to bring there Generation Ship, to a new planet where there would be no longer need for slaves and freedom could rein free. In there battle to the strong hold, Batman, was over come and killed in battle against the Proctors. But, Robin, persisted in her battle, and made here way to the Proctormind, and gave the command to lead the ship to New Gotham. Unfortunately, the journey would take 323 cycles to reach the planet. With the command of "Take Us There". Robin's heroic journey ended. Soon, Tris turned herself in to the Proctors and wishing to serve Gotham marched proudly into "The Life of Giving" to become a piece of Gotham.
This Robin, had very minimal fighting skills. Robin was also equipped with Bat-bombs, a Bat-a-rang and Jet Boots giving her the power to fly.