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The Pocket-Universe Superboy first appeared in Superman Vol. 2 #8.


Real Name: Kal-El
Alter Ego: Clark Kent
Occupation: Adventurer, student
Base of Operations: Smallville
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jor-El (father; deceased), Lara (mother; deceased); Jonathan Kent (adoptive father), Martha Kent (adoptive mother)
Group Affiliation: The Legion of Super-Heroes
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 163 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

    When the original Superboy was obliterated from existence as a result of the timespanning event known as Crisis, the Legionnaires greatest foe, the Time Trapper, arranged for a new Superboy to be created. He knew that if Superboy had not been there to inspire the formation of the Legion of Super-Heroes the sorcerer known as Mordru would be supreme ruler of the 30th century. That would make the Time Trapper merely shadow of his former self.

    So in order to keep things as they were, the Time Trapper reached one million years into the past and removed a moment of time, a moment too small to be measured, yet it contained an entire universe. This "pocket"-universe was then shaped to his own needs, removing all the characteristics he didn´t need. He then set in motion the events that led to Kal-El crash-landing on Earth to be found by the Kents. Superboy´s life then proceeded almost exactly like that of the original Superboy.

    The Time Trapper next made sure that whenever the Legion travelled back in time they would end up in his pocket universe and not their actual past.

     When the Time Trapper tried to use the destruction of the pocket universe as a trap to destroy the Legionnaires, the pocket universe Superboy sacrificed his life to save both his adopted planet and his friends. Superboy was then brought to the 30th century to be buried in the only portion of the true DC Universe where he had ever existed


     Just as the original Superboy, the pocket universe Superboy had super-strength, the power of flight, super-speed, super-breath, super-hearing, super-vision (including X-ray, heat, microscopic and telescopic visions), and invulnerability to any other force than magic and Kryptonite. The pocket universe Superboy was able to travel through time as the original. However it was only possible to go into the DC Universe's future and not the future of his pocket universe.



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