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Superboy (Super Seven) was created by Karl Kesel (Superboy Annual #1 1996)

(Super Seven)

"Just tell me if you find a Supergirl OK?!" -
(Superboy to Green Lantern) - Superboy Annual #1 (1996)


Alter Ego: None
Occupation: Resistance Fighter
Base of Operations: Underground Hideout
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Super Seven
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Superboy Annual 1 (1996)

    In Elseworlds, heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places...some that have existedm or might not have existed, and others that can't or couldn't exist. This is one of them.

    It was a different world when the aliens first appeared. The Malazza-Rem they called themselves. Earth's citizens just called them The Horde. A confederacy of intergalactic outlaws who took what they wanted through force and fear. Glorified bandits. To them, Earth was no more thn a small town to be terrorized.

    The Horde's leader, Grend'll holocasted a decree that 1000 civillians would be killed any time a meta-human was sighted. 5000 more each time a meta-human so much as raised a fist. The meta-humans, heroes and villains alike, fought back, but after 7 million were killed the governments lent a hand-- "for the good of the general populace." The heroes gave up after humanity did, leaving for other worlds, other realities, and disguising themselves as civillians.

    Superman was hidden as a slave laborer and was finally convinced to start the resistance when the Horde's councillor, Lana Lang gave him news that Lois Lane was really alive and that her death by the Horde was faked. Superman found other metas to reform the resistance.

    Superman, Jimmy Olsen, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Lantern were fighting the Horde in the destroyed Coast City when Superboy first showed up. Although he was an enthusiastic, talented fighter, his inexperience caused the established heroes to tell him to let them to take care of the Horde. With that Green Lantern threw him to Hawaii.

    As the heroes headed to Metropolis, where the human resistance fighters were housed, the ran into Superboy again. He had killed many of the Horde's army. By this time Flash had joined the resistance, and to keep tabs on Superboy, Superman decided he would join them in the fight.

    At the compound the resistance got scared into attacking the meta's out of fears of reprocussions. Superboy got their attention and told them to join them or to run away. His speech inspired them to do the right thing and fight the Horde. His speech even awed Metallex, Lex Luthor's mind in Metallo's body. Lex Luthor's body was killed in an earlier incident when he led the resistance fighting back against the Horde. Lex Luthor joined the other 6 meta's and the Superboy dubed "Super Seven" started to train themselves and the humans among them for the war ahead.

    During the training Superboy showed off his prowess by beating Wonder Woman in a practice dual then stealing a kiss. He got slapped hard and put in his place for it. He also started to gain the respect of Batman and Green Lantern as a much needed powerhouse of the Super Seven.

    The Super Seven followed a lead supplied by Lana on the location of Superman's betroved, Lois Lane. It ended up being a trap and Wonder Woman ended up being killed in the process. Kryll'n then put a force field around Metropolis giving an edict that at dawn ever man, woman, and child would be killed for the acts of the meta-humans.

    Regrouping in their secret headquarters, the Super Seven made plans to destroy the Horde before dawn broke. Secretly Batman and Superboy snuck aboard the ship above Metropolis that controlled the force-field around the city. They pretended to be a bounty hunter and a captured Superman, respectively.

    Superboy ran interference while Batman planted thermal bombs at the force-field's generator. Unfortunately Batman was shot down, but he set off the bomb he had strapped to his body and destroyed the ship and force-field himself.

    The rest of the seven went to attack the Horde and Superboy shortly joined them. While in the ship, Superboy had seen the map indicating where Lois was held and told Superman of it. However this was yet another part of an intricately planned web of deciet.

    Superboy and Superman went to rescue Lois while the rest fought the Horde in the streets of Metropolis. Flash and many of the rebellion died during the long drawn out fight. Superman and Superboy never found Lois and instead Kryll'n and Councellor Lang. Lana told Superman that he set her up because he continuously ignored her advances only caring about Lois, who was really killed years ago.

    Kryll'n then seemingly killed Lana and Superman with the Kryptonite from the defeated Metallex. Kryll'n attempted but was unable to kill Superboy. Metallex, on reserve power snuck up on Kryll'n while Superboy kept him busy, and succeded in killing the oppressive leader of the Horde.

    Metallex reclaimed his Kryptonite power source and placed it in his chest to save Superman. However it was too late. Superman had died and Lana was close to death. In her dying gasps, she came up with a plan to redeem herself and save the Earth.

    Superboy donned the garb of Superman and Metallex wired him for sound and cut the hair of the Boy of Steel. Now, as Superman, he paraded the dead body of Kryll'n which rallied the resistance and put fear in the evil hearts of the Horde.

    With Kryll'n dead, the Horde disintegrated. A lot of Malazza-Rem left Earth. A lot more were stranded here. They grabbed what they could... set themselves as little kings. Metallex and Superboy stayed as protectors of Metropolis while Green Lantern went to find new heroes for a new JLA. Superboy becoming Superman inspired him go on his search for young heroes. The long fight was just beginning-- a never ending battle... for a new generation of heroes.  


   Superboy had tactile telekenisis which meant he could repel attacks and destroy anything he could touch. He was a fierce fighter and killed a large number of the Horde. He seemed to not have a weakness to either Kryptonite or other energies. As Superman he is a sign to the people of inspiration and as the symbol of the never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!