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The Superboy OMAC was created by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett and was inspired by by Jack Kirby


"A Millennium Chicken? That's Ridiculous! Everyone knows it was a Millennium Cow!"
-Young Justice #1,000,000



Occupation: Cadmus Operative
Base of Operations: Cadmus, Earth
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: 999,999 cloned "brothers" (some deceased), Implicate Girl (Unknown relation is implied)
Group Affiliation: Justice Legions "S" and "T"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Young Justice #1,000,000


    Superboy OMAC is the one millionth clone from Superboy. OMAC is what this stands for, One Millionth Actual Clone. He is the current leader of the Justice Legion S, a league of Superboys, and Justice Legion T, the legacy of the legendary 20th century team of Young Justice. Superboy is known by Impulse and Toy Wonder as just Superboy, while in Justice Legion S he is called by the name of One Million. With so many Superboy clones active in the JLS it would be too confusing not to call each other by their cloning number.

    When the 20th century JLA was visiting the 853rd century they were falsely branded as "Bizarro" duplicates, bent on mayhem and disruption. The call went out to all super-heroes of the 853rd century to hunt down these imposters. Project Cadmus assigned Superboy OMAC to the task.

    OMAC went to boast about his assignment to his Justice Legion T compatriots on the underground Pluto Young Justice Hall of Heroes. The only way to get there from the surface of Pluto was a hidden TransMatSling hidden under a large boulder. There he found the Toy Wonder with a canister labeled as an original member of Young Justice. Impulse then appeared from inside OMAC's head. He had a knack for catching a ride with OMAC in his mind. Impulse of the 853rd century was the personification of random thoughts from the Speed Force and was hence pure energy. OMAC's third eye was the perfect conduit for Impulse to go in and out of OMAC's mind. Luckily for OMAC, Impulse didn't interfere with OMAC's own brainwaves!

    The boys started a revival program on the capsule that would take many hours. Unfortunately, after the boys shared stories of their predecessors including one about Superboy's legendary fight with Doomsday, Impulse got impatient. Impulse went to the computer controls and started to speed up the reanimation process. OMAC tried to stop him, but then Toy Wonder got in the way as well, and the boys ended up incinerating whomever was in the canister.

    OMAC decided to go search back on Earth in the Arctic where Project Cadmus had found traces of 20th century DNA. Once at the arctic he scaned the area using his X-ray sense to find the DNA pattern. Using the power of the eye, he amped-up to access the strength of his brothers to break over 50 feet of solid ice to break loose the object.

    OMAC had a retrival team ready. His fellow members of the Justice Legion S including 8-2-0, the aquatic, green scaled and finned Superboy, and 3-5-4-1, the giant Superboy made up the team. The team, in their genetic vehicle zoomed back through a zoomway, also created by OMAC's third eye that uses thei powers. Suprising to all was the retrived body was the Guardian, the original Superboy's mentor!

    Millionex, a clone of Dubbilex, revived Guardian from his cryogenic preservation. Attempting to jumpstart Guardian's memory and to help OMAC solve the mystery of what happened to the Justice Legion A, stuck in the 20th century, Millionex accessed his missing memories and created a window into his past using temporal telepathy. This way they could all see what happened when the Justice Legion A went back to the 20th century.

    They viewed Superboy when he first joined Project Cadmus as a field agent. While following Superboy's adventures of this time, they saw Superboy making an inspiring speech to panicked citizens of Metropolis affected by the Hourman virus. Here he also met the Superman of the 853rd century's Justice Legion A. Superman used his Super-E.S.P to prove to Superboy he was really who he claimed to be. He showed him bith his past and future, which in addition to Millionex's reaching backward in time caused a chronal vortex! The rift made SUperboy intangible to Superman, and he starteed to be stretched through time.

    OMAC was able to save Superboy due to the genetic link he and his brothers had to Superboy. OMAC drew the power of all of the Justice Legion S and channelled it into Superboy The burst reenergized Superboy, and he was able to break out of the chronal vortex just as it was beginning to implode.


Superboy, has the ability to fly, is nearly invulnerable, has X-ray senses, an intensified heat aura, and the power of the third eye. Through the power of the eye, he can amp up his strength, open zoomway portals, and transfer the strength of his brothers to any of the Superboy clones.