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Spider-Boy was created by Karl Kessel & Mike Wieringo (Spider-Boy #1 #1996)


"Well they don't call me the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Boy for nothing y ' know.   I gotta pay 'em!"

(Spider-Boy #1)



Combination:  Spider-Man & Superboy
Alter Ego: Pete Ross
Occupation: Photographer for the Daily Bugle
Base of Operations: Cadmus
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Age: 17

Group Affiliation: The Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099
Eyes: (As Spider-Boy) White / (As Pete) Blue
Hair: (As Spider-Boy) Black / (As Pete) Blonde
First Appearance: Spider-Boy #1 (1996)


The original goal of Cadmus and General "Thunderbolt" Ross was to recreate the results of the original "Super-Soldier Experiment".  The closest team felt it could get to recreating "Super-Soldier" was an idea by Peter Parker.  Create a clone with the genetic ability to manipulate gravity.  Bringing Cadmus's top scientists in on the project work began on the new "Super-Soldier" , until a mysterious power surge killed Peter Parker and destroyed most of the "Operation Re-Birth" files. The same power surge also caused the experiment to quickly end when Spider-Boy awoke early in the tank.  

Feeling that it was his fault, General Ross took, the young Spider-Boy under his wing.  Renaming him Peter, General Ross took it upon himself to teach Peter about the his powers and life lessons such as "with great power comes great responsibility".  Unfortunately "Uncle Ross" was killed when a two bit burglar shot him in an alley.  Taking to heart the lessons "Uncle Ross" taught him, Spider-boy was born. Since then Spider-boy has become the agent of Cadmus, working with the Challengers of the Fantastic members, the scientists of Cadmus, as well as his personal agent Rex Leech. Saving the world countless times over.

In his other identity, Peter Ross is a photographer for local "trash" magazine, the Daily Bugle.  Specializing in fantastic images of Spider-Boy, but totally untrue and trashy headlines.  Peter works with Tana Moon and newspaper editor J. Jonah Jamerson.



Spider-Boy's powers consist of the abilities to focus his personal gravity and the ability to cling to walls. This also gave Spider-Boy a fair amount of super-strength.  

The Web-slinger.  A machine based of the "COMPUTO" programming that is able to "sling" Spider-boy for great amounts of distance with a great amount of accuracy.

Web-shooter.  A hand held gun that produces a strange webbing that almost has a mind of its own.  This webbing provides Spider-Boy with the ability to "web sling" as well as a tool in battle.

Spider-boy is also equipped with hundreds of beta tested weapons, created by the Cadmus scientists. The unique weapons are used on a case by case bias.