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Quetzal was created by B. Kesel, A. Williams, A. Lanning (Superboy Annual #3 1996)


"You hear that? I am the Greatest! - Superboy - Superboy Annual #3 (1996)



Alter Ego: Quetzal
Occupation: Successor to Superman
Base of Operations: Aztlan City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation None
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Superboy Annual #3 (1996)
    Earth is dead. Those who once might have called it home are long scattered to the endless stars. But in that scattering, on a thousand different worlds, by a thousand different ways.... Earth's greatest legends live on..

    In the beginning was the Mother World Earth, whose childern no longer sought the stars. "Why?" They asked. "We are fed. We are confortable. We are happy." But colonists were needed to bring more gold to Mother Earth, so she invented a wonderful game. "What is your fantasy?" she asked. "We have civilizations, historic Eras, Fictional Paradises....Are you bored? Go!"
    So, the people of Aztlan rode through the void in a giant flaming temple..to the world where the old God Quetzalcoatl awaited them.
    After a revolution on there home world, the colony world 10359. Designate: Aztlan, were now cutoff from there homeworld to live as poiners...or as primitives. 500 years ago, there civilation, were on the brink of excintion, worried that they would not survive, but a meta named Sanson, gave them something to believe in again. Impersonating Quetzakcoatl, the Sun God, Sanson, proclaimed to send a "Superman", as once before, to aid there people. In true form, Sanson, became there Superman, and an empire was built.
   "After many passes of the Sun, Superman chose a successor..Superboy..to be raised in his image and follow in his glory. As it was, so shall it be.. The time for a new Superboy has come! Praise Superman, The Flying Serpent made man!
    As Quetzal was preparing for the planets, "Meta-games". The Superman of this period, found Quetzal, and chose him to join the House of Kahlel, to become Superboy, successor to Superman. Quetzal, accepted and soon fell under the wing of the current Superman to be tutored and primed. As Superboy readied himself for the meta-games, his cockiness showed, and began to anger Superman in someways. But as Superboy began to learn, this Superman, was not as super as he seems. This Superman, was mean, not a hero of virtue like his predcessor. Superman, made the citizens pays for his services. But taking there food, and there woman, and violently killing the criminals of his temple.
    Superboy began to see that this is not the way a God should live. After meeting another meta, Chala, a girl meta with telekensis powers, Superboy began discussing Superman's faults, and how in his opinion a God should act, which was heard by Superman, who was spying on Quetzal, and began a plan to kill Superboy.
    One morning as Superboy was exploring, he stoped in a small villiage and met the "aged father", who later revieled himself to be, Ral Ezhno, once known to the world as Superman. The "grandfather Superman", informed him of the knowledge of the legend of Superman, of how the line of Supermen, had be corrupted, and how the current Superman, was a wrong choice." The Superman deviced a plan of how to eliminate his chosen.
    The Meta-games of Aztlan were initiated by Sanson, the First Superman of Aztlan..To Entertain...and to flush-out unknown meta-powers for Aztlan's profit. Traits once hidden are now celebrated, furthering the chance of future genetic mutation..because to become a meta-champion is to become a Hero! They come from the farthest reaches of Aztlan to compete. Many have never before met another like themselves. And althought the manifestations differ, together they are linked by their common difference. For all, this is the one place where they cn push themselves to the limit, never holding back..and if death strikes, it is nothing more then their glorious scarifice to Quetzacoatl.
    As Superboy was held to enter the tournament until the end. Superman called upon Jaguar, the fastest meta, and had him throw the race of speed against Superboy. Even telling Superboy that he was the greatest, which Superboy took to heart and proclaimed to all, in the excitement of winning the race, that he was the greatest, which Superman in the setup all along, took as the challenge for his role.
    Superboy, knew he could not defeat Superman. He was still just a boy. He took the "old man's" advice. Heeding the worlds, "What he said about Legends...maybe I can fix this" He knew he needed help. Chala and the grandfather Superman... and ultimatly the Sun God Quetzalcoatl himself, destroyed Superman. And brought forth a new era, as Superboy became the God, but not the Superman, as his mentors Chala and Ral Ezhno, led the "Boy of Steel" into a new era, and a new legend begins..

Superboy, has the ability to fly, as well a produce a TK Shield, protecting him from debrey and energy beams.