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Bedlam created by Todd Dezago & Todd Nauck
(JLA: World Without Grownups 1997)




Occupation: God
Base of Operations: (currently incarcerated) D.E.O.
First Appearance: JLA: World Without Grownups #1 (1997)

A mad and malefic sorcerer, conjuring before an Earth-well, summons to him a power only alluded to in crumbling tomes, only whispered in the darkest shadows...
A power that feeds on dreams and on wishes, the power to reshape the world..the power of a God! But while the power is near infinite, the vessel is still but a man!
His evil campaign is challenged by another sorcerer. his brother. The mad one's treachery and hatred blinds him and limits his imagination. This allows his sibling to purge the malevolent energies from the vile mage and into a tiny crystal chamber. There it is imprisoned and kept secreted from the memory of man for all time... until now.

Now Matthew Stuart has let loose the spirit. Now he calls himself Bedlam --(he calls his New World that, as well)-- and the air crackles and bends with violent violet magik as he exercises his newfound near infinite powers, his every whim and desires instantly realized before his darkly glowing eyes!

The imagination of a thirteen-year-old kid brought to life with his giant, nameless benefactor standing nearby in silent attendance, the boy who was Matthew Stuart boggles at the possibilities of this power he now wields and realizes now... the boy is now a god. After the disappearances of the adults, Superboy, Robin, and Impulse were left on there own, to take control of the situation, and after defeating Bedlam, the adults of the world were returned, Stewart was placed into the control of the D.E.O., and the team Young Justice was born.

Bedlam again appeared to confront the complete team of Young Justice (Robin, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Secret and Arrowette), but happened to be with them since they became a team. At the end of "World Without Grown Ups", Bedlam wasn't captured or contained inside the body of Matthew Stuart, no he hid inside the thought deactivated Red Tornado. After the team had noticed a severe change in attitude by the Tornado, Secret had remembered seeing something "inside of him". While looking for a bomb inside the body of Red Tornado (planted by Harm in issue 5), Secret had stumbled upon the Bedlam and forced him to leave the body of Red Tornado. The team could barely attack the purple genie before he enveloped them in a tornado that Bedlam had become. Exploring the minds of all of the members of YJ, Bedlam sent them into different periods of time. The first scene that played out took the team to the Old West, changing "Young Justice" into "Young Frontier Justice". After fighting the Claxtons, the team "leaped" into there next scene a 50's black and white movie about "Bart Allen: Private Eye", followed by the girls of YJ staring in a black and white vampire flick and finally into a futuristic world where they must stop the Earth from being destroyed by giant monsters and giant robots. The last "leap" sent the boys into the middle of World War II, where they aided one of the regiments that was under heavy fire, The boys jumped in and took on the German Army giving our boys a chance to back the wounded, but learned a harsh lesson that there are no winners in war. A Nazi launched a grenade into the US wounded, taking out there unit leader, but giving Superboy one last moment of understanding before the boys "leapt" again, this time escaping from the tornado and lading unconsciously in the tender seat of the Super Cycle. Bedlam's main objective now was to do away with humanity all together. With YJ down, Red Tornado wanted to know what "he got for all of his suffering". The Red Tornado screamed that "if humanity is to perish, let me go with them" as so Bedlam granted his wish. With but a thought, Bedlam brought the Tornado to the ground, who then removed his mask to revel the human face of John Smith. This action changed Bedlam. Never knowing what it was like to be human. To be bounded to evil and to never know the feelings of goodness and love and then it happened Bedlam's energy began to release and the curse that had been placed on him hundreds of thousands of lifetimes ago had been lifted and the world exploded around him. His next vision was one of looking up into the faces of Young Justice, and as he tried to speak, all that would come out was a tiny little wail. For Bedlam the genie and giant was gone, now only left a Bedlam who'll experience life truely for the first time starting as a little baby boy.


* JLA: World Without Grown Ups #1
* JLA: World Without Grown Ups #2
* Young Justice 80 Page Giant #1