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"Dante" was created by Peter David & Todd Nauck


"Welcome noble heroes. Believe it or not were on the same side. My name is Dante. And This is.. My Inferno"
(Dante - Young Justice #12)



Alter Ego: none
"Jail Keeper" - Master of the Inferno
Base of Operations:
(DECEASED) was the Inferno

Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None



First Appearance: Young Justice #
2 (1999)


After escaping from Fite & Maad in the Super-Cycle, Young Justice found themselves in an underground cavern deep beneath the Earth.  Escape would be impossible as the Super-Cycle decided to lock itself down, forcing Young Justice to explore the strange cavern.  What they found was a version of Hell.  Stumbling upon a huge cavern filled with screaming victims, disco lights, and disco music, welcome to "Dante's Inferno".


Introducing himself as "Dante", he believed that he was on the same side of Young Justice and actually welcomed the team as guests to his home.  Dante went on to explain that his father was a mob informant and was killed in an explosion that killed his mother as well. Dante stumbled upon the "Inferno" as well as the little winged creatures there that fed off pain and misery.


Dante and a "little friend" would find bad people to drug and bring them to the "Inferno".  Dante went on to state that, "It did not take long to convince each new arrival that he or she had died while asleep, and was now

serving the fate that so richly deserved.  While they're here, I learn information that is of use to me.  Secret bank accounts, useful code words and numbers.  Their ill-gotten gains become mine, enabling me to continue my work here."  Dante believed this to be justice.  Young Justice decided to oppose him. Dante offered Young Justice the chance to leave quietly and unopposed, Robin decided that the victims needed to be let free. The battle didn't last long, as Dante's little winged friends, quickly latched on to the members of Young Justice, making them his zombies. (Young Justice #12)


In Leesburg, home of  Supergirl,  one of the demons that Dante used to latch on to YJ appeared and latched itself on to Reverend Varel.  In there area Supergirl and Comet quickly responded to the screams of Linda Denver's mother.  Using her heat vision, Supergirl removed the winged creature and joined Comet as he went in pursuit of the creature. Flying through the sewers, Comet and Supergirl stumbled upon a new "chaos stream." Separating from Comet, Supergirl found herself in the "Inferno", quickly coming to the aid of Superboy who was battling with one of Dante's "little friend".  After the gorilla-like creature was defeated, a sucker punch by Wonder Girl sent Superboy flying.  Supergirl noticed another one of the winged creatures on the neck of Wonder Girl.  As she started to try to get the creature off of Wonder Girl, Supergirl soon found herself under attack by the rest of the members of Young Justice, including a newly hypnotized Superboy. (Supergirl #36)


After fending off the attack of Young Justice, Supergirl found the person controlling the heroes, Dante.  After a weak attack by Dante, he suddenly found himself overly mismatched power wise with Supergirl and flew away in fear, with Supergirl following right behind him. After Young Justice regrouped, instead of trying to go after Supergirl, they decided to do the next best trash her home town of Leesburg.   Supergirl again tried to confront Dante, even going so far as to mention the name of "God", unwittingly bringing new problems into the situation.  Dante led Supergirl straight into a trap, bringing her right in to the presence of "Dis".  (Young Justice #13)


"Dis" a pure evil presence in the form of lava, began its attack on Supergirl immediately freezing her "flame wings" and even more as frost began to cover her. With Supergirl trying to fight off the effects of the cold, Dante and his bullwhip began to whip the frozen Supergirl.  A quick defensive move sent Dante flying into the glass case that was holding "Dis" breaking it to the point. Supergirl at a point of desperation, couldn't stop Dante from again whipping her and stabbing her in the back with a jagged knife. A final strike with his whip and missed Supergirl, hitting the tank that held "Dis".  Unfortunately, "Dis's" lava form, spilled out flooding over Dante and Supergirl.  Supergirl escaped but Dante wasn't as luckily, melting to death in "Dis's" form.  Supergirl and Young Justice would go on to free the captured inhabitants of the "Inferno" after "Dis" found himself  frozen. A cause of the "Day of Judgment" crossover and the effects of Hell freezing over. (Supergirl #37)