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Harm was created by Peter David and Todd Nauck (Young Justice #4 1998)


"Let him know, then. let all the teen adventures such as yourself know. that they would be well-advised. to stay out of Harm's way.- Harm - Young Justice #4 (1998)


Alter Ego: Billy (last name unknown)
Occupation: Super Villain in Training
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Age: 17
Known Relatives: Burt and Helen (parents), Secret (sister/hero/deceased)
Group Affiliation: None
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200lbs
Eyes: Hazel (Billy), Red (as Harm)
Hair: dark brown, black
First Appearance: Young Justice #4 (1998)
Billy, was a boy who wanted to be the greatest villain of all, and began his self taught class in being a villain, by competing with heroes his own age. Billy (Harm) kept a "Book of the Blood", his own database of the powers of the heroes he's battled with. His parents, Burt and Ellen fear him. There boy is a super-villain in training, and he is good at his job. Harm was not a normal child, his father citing an incident with his son, carries with him, a scar on his neck, that one inch closer to the left, would have severed his jugular. They wanted there boy to be disciplined or disappear, they were afraid, and they were justified. As Harm returned home one night, he found his mother and father waiting for him, his father, trying to express some discipline and enforce a curfew, was met by the chilling return comment of, " Father. I allow you and mother to live."

 In his first appearance, we see Harm, single handily beat Arrowette. Physically, returning one of Arrowette's arrows back through her own arm. Leaving Arrowette to pass a message to her friends and other teen superheroes alike, "stay out of Harm's way."

 After hearing of Harm's warning, Superboy took off on his own to find Harm, and take him out himself, must to the disagreement of Robin and the rest of Young Justice. Unfortunately, Superboy was a little too late, as he caught up with the beaten Wonder Girl and Secret. In his (for lack of better term) Harm-mobile, Harm, again, beat not 1 teen hero, but 3. Using electricity to finish Secret, Harm kept Wonder Girl off-guard by slamming her face first into a bridge. Wonder Girl's only save turned out to be Superboy himself as he tried to take on Harm by himself, only to fall before Harm, seconds later . Harm, using some sort of special gas, which filled the lungs of Superboy, making him an easy target to knock out and defeat. With some parting shots with Wonder Girl, Harm left the heroes, so that he could avoid any contact with the police. Harm was victorious.

 The next time, we see Harm, is as he, already broken into the Cave, seemingly kills Red Tornado, by ramming him through with his sword, only to take him, and reprogram him, to help in his plot to kill the Pope. Leaving a clue as to where Young Justice could find him, Harm carried out his plan, to only be stopped and confronted by Young Justice. Again, Wonder Girl fell beneath the power of Harm. But it came down to a one-on-one battle with Robin that ended in Robin's defeat, but a mistake on his part, and a save by Arrowette sent Harm over the top of a cathedral and into the body of Impulse, who was carrying the bomb, that Harm himself planted within the body of Red Tornado. Using the bomb's explosion, Harm, again escaped the team, but did not accomplish his mission of destruction.

 Billy, returning home, was met by his father, whom he again challenged to discipline him, and again, intimidated his father, and mocked him again. This time though, his father had another thing in mind. As Billy entered his bedroom, his father, pulled the trigger, and shot his son, straight through the chest. Billy crawling from the bedroom, was met by his father, smoking gun in hand and tears in his eyes. "I promised you mother, I'd handle it." Burt, then apologized to his son, and again, pulled the trigger. The last panel we see is "Blaam".

Harm would later return (Young Justice #14) during the "Day of Judgment" crossover. The events of Hell freezing over, would give Harm an escape from death itself. Secret herself also felt the ramifications as Suzie herself in front of her Young Justice teammates completely froze over. Before the team could ask on it, Secret's ice form exploded reveling Harm. Explaining that Hell had frozen over, Harm again went into dominating the Young Justice team, eliminating Superboy and Wonder Girl. After a few minutes of Secret pulling herself back together, she found out that she recognized Harm. Harm and Secret are brother and sister. Both dead. Harm killed by his father. Secret a sacrifice by Harm. Secret quickly send Harm flying out of the cave. Outside of the cave Wonder Girl and Superboy double teamed Harm, giving Robin and the Super Cycle an open shot. Secret screaming "This time... we die together", quickly launching herself into the mountain and into Harm, creating an avalanche that covered them both. After hours of waiting for either Secret or Harm to appear from the avalanche, Impulse went in and scouted out the area but couldn't find any sign of either Harm or Secret. Harm's current location is unknown. Secret was found to be in custody of the A.P.E.S. and was rescued from there grasp (Young Justice #17).

Harm, kept a "Book of the Blood", to which he cataloged the powers and abilities of other teen heroes.

A car, sort of like the Bat mobile, with the same type of computer system, as well as other defense and offense tricks and programs.


Harm, also carried a sword, with was capable of shooting out a gas capable of choking out its victims. The sword also was capable of shooting a power electobursts, and as well could be used for normal jousting.