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Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats were created by Chuck Dixon (Robin Annual #2)

Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats 


Real Names: Rae Sharp (AKA: Razorsharp), Leader of the team.
Chester Channel (AKA: Channelman)
Reginald Hackman (AKA: Hacker)
Michael Wasko (AKA: Mega-Biter) (DEAD)
Cullen Thane (AKA: Output) (DEAD)
Occupation: Hackers/Computer Information Retrieval for hire
Special Abilities: Razorsharp (Arms can morph into blades)
Channelman (Control over television signals as well as computer senses)



The Psyba-rats originally a team of kids capable of stealing information for hire. There first appearance (Robin Annual #2) put the Psyba-rats on a job where they were to tap into a satellite on top of the Wayne Foundation Building. As the team started to hookup the satellite tap, they were suddenly interrupted by Robin. Fearing being caught the entire team free jumped from the top of the Wayne Building. After free jumping the Rats got away from Robin but another loss was preparing to occur.

The Rats met up with the Collector and his henchman. After explaining about Robin's interference, the Collector became aggravated and worried that the Rats could have left clues that could lead back to him. The Collector told his men to kill them. As his men opened fire, the team member known as "Megabiter" knocked Razor out of the way and gave his life so the team had time to escape. As the team scattered into an abandoned construction site, the henchman followed but ran into a different kind of enemy. An alien bug.

This year's annual was under the title of "Bloodlines: Earthplaque". The villains of these series events were a group of bug-like aliens who were collecting the spinal fluid of humans as food. Normally after an attack from one of these aliens would leave its victims dead, in some cases it activated a dormant Meta gene giving the victim strange superpowers.

As the henchman searched for the fleeing members of the Psyba-Rats, the alien managed to attack and knockout Channel by draining his spinal fluid. The surprise to the henchman didn't last long as they to soon feel victim to the alien. Rae going back to check on her injured friend, so found that he wasn't dead but as she tried to wake him up she feel victim to the alien.

Luckily Hacker managed to escape and saved Channel and Rae. The next morning Rae began to feel as if her arms were on fire. After an angry outburst Rae found the surprise of her life as her arms suddenly became razor-sharp knives. As if this wasn't surprise enough, Channel was suddenly broadcasting from inside the television screen. His activated metagene was total control over television and computer systems from the inside. Vowing revenge for her freakish new development Rae vowed revenge against the Collector for causing this.

On the heels of solving this case, Robin had been searching around to figure out the identities of the Psyba-Rats. After deducing their identities and the connection with the Collector, Robin soon ran into the Psyba-Rats who were then on the run again from the Collector and his henchmen. Joining up with the Psyba-Rats (Hackman and Razorsharp), Robin Company defeated the henchmen and came into conflict with Razorsharp who wanted to kill the Collector for causing her new powers and killing her friends. After Robin tried to explain about the cause and effect of her killing, Razorsharp ended up in battle alone against the Collector who was about to kill her until a save by Robin. The Collector being resourceful tossed Robin out a thirtieth story building, sending Razorsharp free falling out of the window and saving Robin with her parachute. Robin thanked Rae for saving his life, but Rae returned the thanks with one of her own, since she didn't have time to kill the Collector since she was busy saving Robin. In this case Rae and Razor saved each other. As they parted Robin was deemed an honorary Psyba-Rat for the night.

2 years later Robin again met up with the Psyba-Rats who were in a race for information. This case put Robin and The Psyba-Rats in competition with the master thief known as Catwoman.

The last appearance of the Psyba-Rats was in Young Justice #8, as the Psyba-Rats were in hired to break in to the headquarters of Young Justice and purge the systems of all information in regards to the villain known as Blockbuster. Instead of purging the system, Hackman downloaded himself back into Blockbuster's computer and wiped his systems and left the villain with the calling card of Young Justice.


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