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Inertia was created by Todd Dezago, Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver and first appeared in Impulse #50 (July, 1999)


"You really aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, are you..?" - Inertia - Impulse #53 (Oct, 1999)


Alter Ego: Thaddeus Thawne
Occupation: Kid Genius / Professional Villain
Base of Operations: Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: The Thawne Family
Group Affiliation: N/A
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 105 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond

According to his own story, Thaddeus is the last in the Thawne family heritage. The Allens and Thawnes have been enemies dating back to Barry Allen (the Silver Age Flash) and Malcome Thawne (Cobalt Blue). Barry and Malcome were twin brothers separated at birth. By a strange chemical accident Barry gained super speed. Late into his career, Barry and Malcome met and instantly a falling out by Malcome caused a hated to Barry. Believing that Barry was always the lucky one, Malcome took on the identity of Cobalt Blue and tried many times in his career to kill Barry, even going so far as to spread the influence of his "Cobalt Blue Gem" over the many generations of Thrawns and Allens (see "Chained Lightning"- The story-arc running through Flash.)

  Now the cycle will continue. Bart Allen is currently the last in line of Allen family. In the 30th Century, Thaddeus's "father", believed to be the last Thawne, acquired some of Bart Allen's DNA. Splicing the DNA with pure Thawne DNA, Thaddeus was "born". In Bart's case where he's growth was accelerated; Thaddeus's growth was slowed down over eons. Maturing in a nutrient womb for eons, Thaddeus's development was closely monitored and calculated for centuries. His body and mind were being honed to perfection until he was ready. Thaddeus Thawne was born and Inertia was now created. Thawne was designed as the ultimate weapon to bring respect back to the Thawne family and finally stop the disgrace from years of defeat at the hands of the Allens.

  Inertia's first move was to study Impulse (Issue #50). Inertia studied one of Impulse's earlier cases. Before No Man's Land, Batman and Impulse teamed up against the Joker. Through Impulse's normal good luck and some assistance by the Batman, the duo saved the day and put Joker back in Arkham for another day. Inertia amazed by Bart's good fortune then studied another of Impulse's cases.

  Impulse confronted the son of the former villain known as Silver Fog (issue #51), A former villain that was defeated by the New Teen Titans. The "Fog Prince" obsessed with finding a Cherub action figure. Cherub is the sidekick to the "The After-Life Avenger", a comic book character in there reality. After the Fog Prince found the truck bringing tons of action figures to his town found that there wasn't but one or two Cherub's in the shipment and freaked. By chance Impulse was racing back through his city back to Manchester and intercepted the Fog Prince and his plan and quickly defeated him.


  Inertia then confronted Bart/Impulse on his own ( Impulse #53). First kidnapping Iris Allen (Bart's grandmother). Inertia then sent a computer generated compound called Technoplasm. Using his vibration powers, Impulse melted the monster but got himself stuck within the body of the sticky monster. While Impulse was confined, Inertia introduced himself and told Bart of his origin. Before long Inertia and Impulse were engaged in a super speed battle that was a totally new lesson for Impulse. By chance, the battle ended in the remains of Gotham City, and as luck would hold out Bart defeated his dark twin. But, before Impulse could bring Inertia to justice, Inertia escaped by bringing Grandma Iris into the fight, enclosed in one of the same green slime like globes. As Impulse freed Grandma Iris, Inertia escaped vowing that his lose to Impulse wasn't a defeat, but a victory as a recognizance mission. Inertia will be back.


  Inertia is the (opposite) twin brother of Impulse. Both share the same super speed powers. One difference between Inertia and Impulse is that Inertia has massively more intelligence than Impulse. Relying more on planning and tactics than rushing into fights and situations. Inertia is the total opposite of his "twin" brother Impulse. Inertia also utilizes his self-aware computer known as "Craydl".