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Created by Ron Marz and Ramon Bernado






Alter Ego: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Cloned from Superboy
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: White
Hair: White


     Match is a clone of Superboy made by a rogue cloning agency calling themselves the Agenda. Since Superboy is potentially the most powerful human being ever created by advanced Earth science, the Agenda arranged for him to be kidnapped so that they could build an army of Superboy clones. This army they could then sell to the highest bidders out there to perform any task required of them.

    Using Superboy´s genetic material, the Agenda not only cloned but actually improved on Cadmus´ cloning process itself. As a result Match possesses far greater powers than those of Superboy. The Agenda also supplied Match with a series of knowledge implants, and he was "programmed" so that he lacks conscience and obeys any orders without question like a machine.

    Out of whimsical reasons, the Agenda programmed his first duty to be the killing of Superboy. No one thought Superboy was going to do too well since Match is basically an evolved version of himself, but he seriously underestimated Superboy, and Match was knocked out cold. During their fight, they destroyed a reactor which was meant to create an entire army of Superboy clones and the place was destroyed, with Match right at the core of this massive destruction, and Superboy thought his clone was dead.

    It turned out Superboy was going to die anyway, since the Agenda's method of cloning Superboy would eventually cause his DNA to literally melt down and destroy him. As Superboy was quickly dying, Superman and Steel joined forces to go to the destroyed base of the Agenda and found Match who really didn't seem as harmed by the Agenda's base's destruction as Superboy thought. They asked Match for his help, but Match refused and mysteriously disappeared, telling Superman that he's on his own now, and no one will ever find find him. At that, he seemed to mysteriously vanish from their sight. Nothing has been seen from Match since that time.


    Just as Superboy, Match´s possesses the power of tactile telekinesis. However as a result of the Agenda´s improvement on the Cadmus cloning process Match´s powers are an advanced form of Superboy´s. Furthermore Match seems to have an advanced understanding of the manipulation of these telekinetic abilities and the knowledge implants in his head are far more advanced than those of Superboy, and he is thought to be an extremely intelligent individual.

    His tactile telekinesis allows him to have all the abilities as Superboy, including the ability to fly as well as the equivalent of super-strenght. However, unlike Superboy, Match is invulnerable while unconscious and has "blast vision," an ability to emit sheer energy from his eyes much like Superman can do with his heat vision. He appears to have complete invulnerability to basic energy attacks such as laser guns, a feat Superboy still has problems dealing with.

    During an encounter with Superman, Match escaped by appearing to vanish into thin air. Superman believed Match possibly had the ability to turn invisible. The one and only time he and Superboy squared off, Match was able to pinpoint Superboy's location in a very large complex. It's possible he also has some kind of motion detecting powers as well. These advanced abilities might indicate that Match´s tactile telekinetic powers, to varying degrees, may even extend to the electromagnetic spectrum. The possible invisibility is probably electromagnetic, and the "blast vision" is probably due to the fact that the eyes are most sensitive to the spectrum and Match could manipulate an energy blast best with his eyes. It's also likely he can develop X-ray vision as well, since X-rays are also a component to the spectrum, explaining why he was able to find Superboy in the complex so easily. It's possible Match has learned to build an electromagnetic shield, to help him from getting harmed from what basic telekinesis can't protect as well.