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"Old Justice" created by Peter David & Todd Nauck

Old Justice

"He knows the JSA, and gentleman, YJ is no JSA"
(Dan The Dyna-mite, commenting about Mr. Dickles relations to the JSA )



Occupation: Group of Superhero Sidekicks.
Base of Operations: Happy Harbor, Rhode Island
Members: Merry "The Gimmick Girl", Thorndyke, The Cyclone Kids, Doiby Dickles, Dan The Dyna-Mite (leader)
Alter Egos: Doiby Dickles, Leo Thorndyke, Mortimer "Dinky" Hibbert, Amelia "Sisty" Hibbert, Merry Pemberton
Group Affiliations: Members have worked with "The Young All Stars", The "Justice Society", "The Minute Men" 
First Appearance: (profile) Young Justice: Secret Files & Origins #1, Young Justice #16 (1999)


" It is a harsh truth that fame is fleeting.   "Old Justice" is a half dozen former super-hero "sidekicks" of long ago who have fallen on hard times.  Bitter and frustrated that most of their adventures are unremembered, they feel they still have much to contribute in the fight against crime.  They also resent Young Justice, seeing in the group a youthful disregard of their heroic predecessors.

According to their promotional brochures, Old Justice seeks public support for older heroes who risked their lives for the public good.   So far, they have met with open ridicule.  Such derision could push the group into disaster as they search for respect."

There first strike against Young Justice  began when Red Tornado was incarcerated following his "kidnapping" of Step daughter Traya . Tricked into bringing Traya back after Kathy Sutton awakened from her coma, Red Tornado was taken into custody. Asking for the JLA not to help him, Red Tornado got a visit from a couple of strangers who asked him to join there team. After turning them down, the strangers left Tornado will a card with the print "Old Justice" on it.

After Red Tornado was released to help with the demon problem caused by the event known as "Day of Judgment". Given a full pardon, Tornado went on to help with demons and eventually returned to mentor the group of heroes known as Young Justice.

Later, it was revealed that Red Tornado was released at the urging of Merry The Gimmick Girl & Old Justice. Hoping to influence Red Tornado to abandon the reckless members of Young Justice, and join a team that would put him back in the public's good favor. After Red Tornado again denied the invitation, Merry decided to start dropping hints of black mail, most effectively, challenging Tornado's paternal rights case for his daughter Traya.

Concerns over the group know Young Justice continued to grow, to the point were special hearings have been called to determine is there needs to be any legislation against them. Under the actions of Congressman Zuckerman and Congressman Perkins, the team know as Old Justice. Comprised of Dan The Dyna-Mite, Merry, The Gimmick Girl, The Cyclones, Mr. Doiby Dickles and Sweep Second, Old Justice hit the scene to the laughs and jokes of the press. Feeling the "need for America to protect itself from a group like Young Justice". Excerpts from Dan "T

"Decades ago, Hollywood instituted the Coogan Laws. Named after child actor Jackie Coogan. Who suffered great financial and personal hardship due to betrayal by those adults he trusted. They were created to protect other child actors from similar hardships. Yet now that freedom that this brought has caused even more hardship to some young stars who could not handle their fame. We are in the same position with the members of Young Justice. They have gotten to big for their britches thinking they can make up the rules."

" Think if you will of these your actors whose stars have faded. and wound up knocking over 7-11s or becoming drug addicts. Now we're talking about Young Justice crusaders. What happens when things don't work out for them? Can we trust them to do the right thing? Current evidence proves to the contrary. Are we looking at future heroes. or, more likely, future villains? "

"The operative word in Young Justice is "Young." Too young, we say. During Vietnam, Korea and the big one.. they would have been too young to be drafted. How can we, in good conscience, allow Young Justice to operate? They're not experience heroes. They're "Tykes in tights" and must be protected from themselves. Thank You."

After hearing the report, Red Tornado acknowledged that he'd help look for the missing Secret through the proper authorities, but for the time being "Young Justice is on hold."