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The Point Men were created by Peter David/Karl Kesel and Todd Nauck (Young Justice #18 2000)

Point Men

"We are by the way...The Point Men (Young Justice #18)


Team Members: Gray Lady, Short Cut, Blockade, Serpenteen & Blank Slate, Groundswell
Occupation: Superhero enforcement team
Base of
Operations: Cadmus (under the control of the Agenda)
Group Affiliation:
The Agenda
First Appearance: Young Justice #1
8 (2000)

During a take over at Cadmus, the Agenda created a special section named "Area X".  Inside "Area X" the creatures known as Simyan and Mokkari brought about the task of cloning there own race of Super-Heroes.  Following in the footsteps of their mad scientist creator Dabney Donovan, the scientists created The Point Men.

The first experience with the Point Men came with there confrontation of Young Justice. Breaking straight into the headquarters of Young Justice.  Impulse was the first person on the scene and was welcomed with an "Aloha".  Deciding to take the first shot against the smallest member of the team named "Short Cut", Impulse quickly found himself miles away in an alley. 

When the rest of the members of Young Justice appeared,  Wonder Girl warned the Point Men member named Serpenteen about the Justice League coming for a meeting, to which Serpenteen replied "Then we'll all wait for them. Peacefully". Blockade stated that the Point Men would not throw the first punch, to which Superboy jumped straight into action taking himself and Blockade straight threw the floor. This action put the two teams at odds. The teams battled until the Blank Slate and Secret wrapped themselves in a tornado within the Headquarters, Secret snapping in to a vengeful mode, ignored Robin's orders to pull out of the tornado, resulting in an explosion within the Young Justice headquarters with the members of Young Justice and the Point Men stuck in side.

The Point Men would go on to try to capture Young Justice again by staging a kidnapping at Cassie's home while the team was hiding out. The battles between the two team would finally come to an end after a the "Sins of Youth" episode.  The Agenda admitted to The Point Men that they had been real people once.  They were clones of actual living people, and could be replaced with better versions of themselves in a heartbeat.  After hearing this, The Point Men switched sides and joined the aged Wonder Girl and Superboy, along with the deaged Superman and Wonder Woman in helping take down the Agenda and its agents.


Gray Lady - A Vampire like creature. Gray Lady can fly and seems to be the brains of the team.

Short Cut - Minor teleportation powers, but Short Cut must be concentrating on who he's teleporting and to where.

Blockade -  Rock hard skin. Super strength

Serpenteen - A disciple of Quetzalcoatl. Snake/Lizard like in appearance Serpenteen uses her tail in a grip like attack.  She also has heightened agiltity. Uses a bite attack.

Blank Slate - Essentially Blank Slate is an adult form of Secret. Both have the ability to change there appearance and forms in mist like appearances.

Groundswell - Ground Swell, has control over the ground.  Recently hiding as the White House lawn, Groundswell started the attack by the Pointmen on the combined teen/adult heroes at the "Justice For All" rally. (Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1)